Website Translation & Localization Services


You should stop thinking and make a move I order to compete in rapidly growing global markets. It is time for you to localize your website!

Internet undoubtedly is a global communication tool. It helps you achieve new business possibilities and increase your sales by providing boundless opportunities for marketers.

Benefit from localizing your website from now on.

Increase your global business potential.

Increase the sizes of your market.

Enter new markets confidently and easily.

Build up trust as a global player.

Your website is your window to the world

Your website is the tool for introducing your products and services to other corporate and individuals in the world. Researches show that web users are prone to trading in their own native languages four times more than others. Therefore, website localization is definitely the key of internet marketing strategy.

Localization – one move ahead of translation

When you decided to localize your website, it is not sufficient just to have it translated. Website localization requires a complete conversion from one format to another. Correct connections and cultural differences should be applied together with written linguistic translation.

This is really a difficult procedure; however, you can catch up the global challenge by LingoTurk!

LingoTurk – We speak the language of Internet

We provide a service in a very wide range by means of specialized translators, technical experts and professionals. As LingoTurk, we understand the importance of creating an international impression.

LingoTurk is capable of performing localization service in 42 languages including the dialects of Eastern Europe and Asia. No matter what the size of your company is or what your demands are, we can offer an appropriate localization service for you.