Multimedia (Video, Sound Records) Translation

Multimedia (Video, Sound Records) Translation

LingoTurk makes the localization process become easier. We provide the localized material to be delivered in a successful and economic manner and on time by guiding you in all stages of your project.

One of the goals of LingoTurk is to provide quality service in multimedia localization projects. Our project managers, translation teams, design engineers and graphic experts are highly experienced in localization process.

For example, let’s assume that all components of your multimedia document are supposed to be translated to a foreign language. The document also includes resource files, graphical user interfaces, auxiliary files, instruction manuals, static and motion graphics, symbols and sounds.

Our management and production teams take all aspects of these localization concepts.

Complete Solution

The wide range resources of LingoTurk provide a complete localization solution.

Since multimedia is growing determinedly in a way to meet the demands of customers in e-education sector, we are also improving the content of our localization services.

Translation Asset Management

One of the most important requirements of our translators is the confidential “value” of the translation assets. All the equipments being used for localization process are consistent and correct, so, they can be accepted to be revolutionary for all localized and supporting materials. Even daily working communication tools can be formed and delivered.