Consecutive Interpretation

LingoTurk can meet your demands by consecutive interpretation services in various fields thanks to its specialist and experienced translators. While you may demand consecutive translation on a common subject, you may also make benefit of this service in fields such as medicine, medication, law, economy, finance, industry, textile, education, vocalization, meeting, business trip, media meeting, private visit, seminar and opening.

LingoTurk, providing translation services in all professions, gives consecutive interpretation services in all world languages particularly in English, German, Chinese, Russian, Arabian, French, Italian, Spanish and Japanese being in the first place.

What is Consecutive Interpretation?

For consecutive interpretation services, while speaker speaks in his/her native language, interpreter listens and takes notes. Then, after speaker stops, interpreter translates the speech to the target audience. Consecutive interpretation is the best choice when a translation involving two languages is needed. In contrast to simultaneous interpretation, no special equipment is required and mostly it is cheaper.

Consecutive interpretation service can be expressed as accompaniment interpretation or whisper interpretation. LingoTurk make a point of choosing the translation method when accompaniment or whisper interpretation seems more difficult than consecutive interpretation.

LingoTurk provides consecutive interpretation services in all world languages and works with interpreters who are capable of the terminology of the fields requiring technical and scientific specialty.

Planning and Demand Analysis

LingoTurk provides a solid communication and coordination in your consecutive interpretation projects. LingoTurk collaborates with you in determining the needs of timing, location, technological devices about the organization, giving necessary information on event and providing necessary documentation and materials.


Field of Interpretation: The field of interpretation on which translation is to be made is defined first. One of the fields such as investment, industry, health, law, education or public sector might be named for instance.

Type, target, date and duration of the organization: The type, target, date and duration of the organization are defined during demand analysis process. For example, it should be expressed whether the organization is an international conference, a full-scale meeting, a small-scale meeting, a presentation, a field trip, a press conference, a course presentation, an informative interview, a live broadcast or a discussion.

Participants and flow of communication: LingoTurk should be informed on the quantity of participants, a single person, two persons or a group for example. Is the speaker going to take questions, if yes, in which language groups will answers be given? Is the flow of communication going to be from one speaker through many participants or from multiple speakers through many participants? Is the participant group going to be immobile in a room or mobile, moving in a facility?

Working Hours: The duration of the organization should be decided in the preparation phase. Our project managers will be helpful to you in determining the quantity of interpreters.

Documentation: All documentation to be used during consecutive interpretation should be submitted to LingoTurk as soon as possible, because it might be beneficial for interpreter to study the subject or prepare a glossary of terms before the organization. If there is a movie, video or a voice record to be presented during the organization, those records should also be delivered to interpreter before the event. Giving a briefing to interpreter before organization is vital for both the event to be operated correctly and providing correct communication between interpreter and speaker.